This is not the end of the road.

Our mission is to put this behind you in the best manner possible.


Getting arrested sucks. There is really no other way to say it. Then there is the aftermath. The DMV. The Court system. DUI school. Community service. License suspensions. It seems like an unending set of hoops to jump through with no road map on when you should be jumping. That’s why we started DUIgoodbye. To give you a plan. To get your license back. To tell you the easiest way to get through it.


There are 3 different ways people deal with their DUI arrest-


1. They do nothing (NOT recommended!)

2. They want to hire someone right away to deal with all aspects of the case.

3. They are feeling a little overwhelmed (by the process or finanacially) and just need someone to help them save their license and get them some breathing room to figure this out.


If you are stressed about what to do next, the DMV or court, let us take the anxiety out of those processes. At DUIgoodbye, our process will clarify your options, tell you what to do next, and put you back on the road. With our guidance you can handle much of this without a lawyer. And if you want to talk to a lawyer, we are on call at reasonable rates.


Our goal for you? A low stress, clearly guided process that gets you through this mess.


DUIgoodbye was created by Bruce Denson, a Florida lawyer who has spent the last 25 years working in the criminal justice system, learning how to help people put a DUI arrest behind them. 


Getting a DUI sucks. But putting it behind you doesn’t have to. 


You are more than one bad night.


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Meet Our Founder

DUIgoodbye was created by a lawyer who saw a better way for people to handle the aftermath of a DUI arrest. Using technology and video we help good people at reasonable rates. You pay a flat rate or monthly fee and we provide a road map, DIY forms and access to legal advice when needed.

Bruce Denson

Bruce H. Denson is a partner in the firm of Bruce H. Denson, P.A. Mr. Denson graduated in 1990 with a B.S. in Business Administration from University of Florida.  He received his Juris Doctorate in 1994 from Stetson College of Law. 

After passing the bar in 1994, Mr. Denson was Assistant State Attorney in the Sixth Judicial Circuit where he prosecuted a wide variety of misdemeanor and felony cases including over fifty jury trials. 

In 1998, Mr. Denson left the State Attorney’s Office and eventually became a shareholder in the firm Whittemore, Denson PA.  where he focused on complex product liability cases.  Mr. Denson, with cocounsel, is the first attorney to collect on verdicts against Phillip Morris and RJ Reynolds Tobacco Company in individual consumer cases. 

He started his own firm in 2006 to devote himself to representing those accused of crimes and plaintiffs in cigarette litigation.  Mr. Denson has lectured for the Academy of Florida Trial Lawyers, the Pinellas Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers and for Bar Associations across the state of Florida. 

He is a published author and has written for the Florida Bar Journal, the Journal of the Florida Justice Association, the Defender magazine of the Florida Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, and the St. Petersburg Bar’s Paraclete.  He sat on the Executive Committee of the St. Petersburg Bar Association and served as the President of the Pinellas Association of Criminal Defense Attorneys. 

In 2011, Mr. Denson founded a non-profit, Paddle Addict, Inc., that helps people in recovery from substance abuse through watersports activities.


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