We appreciate the trust and confidence you show in referring DUI cases to us. Criminal cases can be difficult. But people you refer to us will know that every effort was made on their behalf.  

Our clients are kept up to date with the progress of their case. We have systems in place that regularly update clients on court dates and our efforts at resolution.  Appointments for a phone or office conference can be made with a click. And I give clients my cell phone number so there is never an issue with communication.

We work hard on behalf of our clients.  We maintain good relationships with prosecutors and judges. I am proud to have been awarded the Richard T. Earle Professionalism Award in 2018 and the St. Petersburg Bar Association Professionalism Award in 2021. I strive to live up to the recognition of those awards.

We stay up to date on the latest case law and strategies.  We attend annual seminars on criminal and DUI defense.  We are active in our local criminal defense lawyers association and in the Florida Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers. Because of the volume of DUI cases we handle we are on top of all issues related to breath testing and traffic stops.

We know how to save drivers licenses.  Where it is possible to keep a client driving, we do so. We help people navigate the DMV and maintain their driving privilege.

Perhaps most importantly, we help calm people down and get them through what may be a life changing event.  DUI arrests are often a first arrest for many people.  There is a lot of fear from just not knowing what comes next. We explain the DMV and court system and we are there for every step in the process. We also help a lot of clients with bigger picture issues like alcohol and substance abuse.

Again, we appreciate your referrals.  If you have any questions, please call or text my cell phone at (727) 480-9252.