DUI Flat Fee Representation

$500/m for 7 months

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  • Consultation with attorney at all critical stages
  • DMV strategy consultation, completion and submission of any required forms, representation at DMV hearing if necessary
  • Attorney representation at all court appearances
  • Demand and review of Discovery
  • Review of any video evidence
  • Any legally justified motions
  • Negotiations with the State Attorneys Office to dismiss or reduce the charge
  • Evaluation and recommendation of any diversion plan available
  • Consultation regarding best negotiated disposition and your chances at trial
  • Trial fee NOT included


DUI Flat Fee representation is recommended for people who are dealing with their first DUI arrest and would like an attorney to handle all phases of the process. We will attend all hearings on your behalf and counsel you individually on the many decisions required throughout the resolution of the charges against you.  If you are looking for personal representation to get you through the process as efficiently as possible and to challenge the State’s case against you, this is a good option for you. This representation involves one-on-one conferences with your attorney about your options at every stage of the case.


This representation is only for people with no prior DUI arrests in cases where there was no injury or death.  If you have a prior DUI arrest, or if your case involves an injury or death, you will need to call our office to discuss representation.

* Court filing fees are not included

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