Getting a DUI is painful.

Putting it behind you doesn’t have to be.

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We are focused on saving your license in the first 10 days after your arrest.

And we have strategies on defending and resolving the charges against you.

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All the info you need to save your license is here. No more Googling about the DMV, your license and court dates. All the essential resources and worksheets you need are here in one place.

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We will talk about the facts of your case-the reason for the stop, your interaction with police, field sobriety tests and breath testing. Then we will answer your questions and make a plan.

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You have options. You decide the level of help you want and only pay for what you need. We can help you get through the first 10 days, or we can help you with everything. You choose the level of help you need.

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Put a bad night in the past. Don’t let this linger. Get informed, make a plan, and get started. We are here to help.

From Arrest to Resolution.

The DMV and court system can be confusing. You need help to get through it, but maybe you don’t need to fully “lawyer up”.

That’s where DUIgoodbye can help. We give you the guidance you need to get through the system, saving you time and money.

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Do you need a $3,500+ DUI lawyer?

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It doesn’t have to be a confusing and costly ordeal. We help make the process more transparent and your decisions more understandable – saving you money and time.

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